What You Will Get In Liebermann Reagent Kit?

When it comes to test for the adulterants then it is really important to have dedicated Liebermann reagent kit. Basically, reagent testing is the kind of process that is mostly used for checking the substances that included within a pill, it is mostly illicit substances. Along with the surged prevalence of the drugs that are existing into the pure forms. The terms Drug check or pill testing also used as the reagent testing. Discover here for more information about Liebermann Reagent – WIM Scientific Laboratories.

Your Liebermann reagent testing kit will include!

In the testing kit of Liebermann reagent, there are plethora kinds of things containers and the user manual available for the users, so it is really important to use them perfectly for getting the accurate result. Here are some great things that you will find into the reagent testing kit automatically –

  1. To commence with the 1x (10ml) of Liebermann Reagent that will be totally sealed and ISO Quality lab material certified dropper bottle.
  2. After that, you will get the more than 200 individuals tests!
  3. There will be 1x instruction card for safe handling, storage and the most important is the reaction charts.
  4. It would be best for the user to contact the experts for asking any question and they can easily support you for you’re all the concerns.

Moving further, all these great things that you will find into the Liebermann reagent testing kits so simply place it order and get the delivery at your doorsteps.

Reliable and predictable!

The use of the Liebermann reagent kit is really reliable and valuable for the users, so you can easily take its great benefits and able to use it for quick and accurate test. The Reagent kits are totally fresh and made to order and are not stored in a warehouse ensuring the customer the longer possible shelf life and dependability.