Are You Planning To Travel From Athens To Mykonos? Here Are The Ways!

People generally adopt the two ways to travel from Athens to Mykonos, although there are others, these two are the most convenient and fast. People generally chose whether the ferry or the plane to travel between these two traveling ways.

Everyone has their preferences, some choose ferries, but many people prefer the plane as it consumes less traveling time. The ferry is the boat that moves in the water, and with the friction and other forces, the ferry slows down hence takes more time. But traveling with a ferry has its benefits, you can enjoy the view of the route.

The further section includes the information about Tourist Places And Attractions In Athens [Greece] | BTI Athens Travel Guide and you can choose the one favorable for you.

By plane

The people opting for a place reach the destination in about half-hour and 15 minutes, and this is the best suited for the people who are visiting Mykonos for a few days as 3-4 days. The plane as flies in air is relatively much faster; hence the charges are higher than that you will spend in a ferry boat. For a pocket-friendly trip, choose the off-season when the transportation modes and accommodations are cheaper.

By ferry

Traveling through a ferry will take a few hours to reach the destination, and the extremely slow ones consume approximately 4 hours. The comparatively fast ferries take 270 minutes to reach the destination. It is among the ways to get from Athens to Mykonos, and the ride will be more exciting than the destination.

Therefore the people who have enough time and are going for weeks should opt this way. These cruises will be the best for people who love the path more than the destination. Choose your ferry carefully before paying, and this is comparatively cheaper than the plane.

The people who cannot afford the plane’s high prices and not planning a luxurious trip should choose the ferry to reach Mykonos. Choose the traveling vehicle if it fits you as both the plane and ferry are convenient according to the time, and money people have.